HCI in Practice

The HCI in Practice track is targeted towards practitioners and professionals working in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. It comprises all aspects related to HCI, particularly the impacts and main challenges related to the application of User Centered Design methods and techniques in the development of products and services.

It is a very important opportunity not only for companies to present their perspective, but mainly for the exchange of experience between industry and academia.

Suggested Topics:

Any topic related to HCI in practice inside the companies is expected in this track, including but not limited to:

  • User Centered Design into the development of products and services;
  • Usability, User Experience (UX), Design Thinking;
  • HCI and agile methods: Agile UX, Lean UX;
  • Quality and management of User Centered Design: ROI, Quality assessment of products and processes;
  • Organizational aspects of User Centered Design: multidisciplinary teams, colaboration among different departments (marketing, IT, design, customer support, etc.);
  • UX Professionals: internal teams or external consultants?
  • Tools and equipments for prototyping, usability tests and remote evaluation;
  • HCI international projects;
  • HCI, assitive technologies and accessibility;
  • HCI for Mobile Devices;
  • Big Data and HCI;
  • HCI and the Internet of Things (IoT);



Submissions can be written in English or Portuguese by practitioners and professionals that work in the field of HCI in industry. They should report real world cases and experiences relevant to the HCI area, whether they have been successfull or not.

The submission is in two steps:

Step 1 : Submit a summary of no more than one page, in PDF format, containing:

1. Title, author, company name;

2. Summary describing the problem and solution;

Step 2: Authors of accepted abstracts should submit a document with the final version. It must be in PDF format and follow the model  to full article publication of ACM SIGCHI,  but with a maximum of four (4) pages, contemplating the following content:

1. Title, author, company name;

2. Problem addressed and its context;

3. Solution adopted;

4. Results;

5. Discussion;

6. Conclusion;

Complete submissions will be presented at the conference and published in the proceedings of the event.

Authors should make their submissions electronically through the JEMS System.

Authors are responsible for the content of the submission and for getting the approval from the company to submit the proposal and publish the case study.

Reviewing Process:

Submissions will be evaluated by a team of professionals from the industry and the academia, and evaluated based on the relevance of the theme and the contribution to the business and academic communities.

Proposals should not explicitly promote products, services or companies.

Presentation at the Conference:

At least one of the authors of accepted submissions must register to IHC 2015 to have their paper published in the proceedings and in the ACM Library and presented at the conference. Each submission will have 15 minutes for presentation, followed by 5 minutes of discussion.

HCI in Practice Chairs:

  • Silvia Amélia Bim (UTFPR) – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Adriana Betiol (Interfacil Usabilidade de Sistemas LTDA) – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Important dates:

  • Abstracts submission deadline: 27/05/2015 10/06/2015 19/06/2015
  • Decisison notification: 15/06/2015 26/06/2015
  • Final version submission due: 20/07/2015 31/07/2015