SBSC Presentation

Brazilian Symposium on Collaborative Systems (SBSC) discusses the development and use of tools to support collaboration between people. Some current examples of successful collaborative systems include social networks, distributed development environments of software, file sharing systems, virtual worlds, cooperative editors, wikis, knowledge management systems and communication tools such as video conferencing and blogs.

With an increase in the popularity of collaborative mechanisms on the Web, the importance of theoretical and empirical studies have grown substantially in techniques, technologies and relevant models for the development and use of collaborative systems involving social and technical aspects .

Several sub-areas of Computing have contributed to research in Collaborative Systems: Software Engineering, Database, Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, Multimedia Systems, Distributed Systems and others. To address non-technical issues in this area, sub-areas of Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Education, Language etc. also are welcome to contribute.

In its 12th edition, the SBSC has become an important forum for researchers, students and professionals to discuss about this multidisciplinary field.