IHC Presentation

The Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computer Systems (IHC) is a major scientific event in the area of Human-Computer Interaction in Brazil. IHC allows the exchange of ideas and information through studies and research that aim to contribute to interaction between users and computer systems. The event is promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), through the Special Committee on Human-Computer Interaction (CEIHC).

IHC will have its fourteenth edition in 2015 and it will be held in the city of Salvador, from November 3rd to 6th. For the first time in history, IHC will take place in Salvador – Brazil. This event is hosted and organized by the following educational institutions: Salvador University (UNIFACS), The Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and The University of Bahia State (UNEB).

The main objective of IHC is the dissemination of research results in the area and seeks to attract business professionals, researchers and students involved with or interested in the Human-Computer Interaction field.

IHC 2015 discusses the theme "Multicultural Interaction and HCI" with concern in the design and evaluation of the interactive presentation focused on intercultural approaches to interaction. Multiculturalism can be seen as a reflective mediation of the diverse influences that different cultures will always have on society and on the computer mediated interaction. One of the major challenges for the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) area is that we have started to "live with technology" ubiquitously and deal with cultural diversity present in a world of interaction without clear boundaries because the world has become increasingly globalized. Amongst several aspects, there is a need to discuss and investigate solutions that help HCI professionals to understand and balance cultural accessibility issues. The users of one culture can then make use of solutions designed by other cultures, preserving cultural diversity. Moreover, the technology produced should respect cultural identity, characteristics and values. It is necessary to understand how the designer’s intercultural communication model is perceived by users and how it is evaluated so that it makes sense to stakeholders.